General FAQs:

What is fresh pressed juice and why is it different from traditional juice I find at most stores?

Fresh pressed juice is cold pressed from whole vegetables and fruits. It is not heat pasteurized and does not contain preservatives to maintain longer shelf life like most other standard juices you find on the shelf or in the cooler at retailers. Because of this our juices have a shorter life span but this means that there is no nutritional content lost in the process—maintaining that the nutrients, enzymes, pre and probiotics, and so many other vital minerals aren’t removed from the vegetables and fruits. This means you get to consume all of the GOOD stuff!

What is a Booster?

2 ounces of bold flavor and power packed targeted nutrition. We love this option for so many reasons: its lower calorie content, because it is so easy to grab, sip, go, its air travel approved size, and because they are just so dang adorable too. Each of these little cuties packs a huge punch—they are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to help you get your wellness on without spending all day doing so. Incorporate these as a boost to your cleanse or just into your everyday normal routine— Easy to sip down quickly and get everything you need.

How long will my juice and boosters last?

Up to a week in the refrigerator, though we suggest consuming it as soon as you can and definitely within 5 days to be sure you get the highest amount of nutrition and goodness.

Are the Goodery products kid friendly?

Of course! Start them young :). Fresh pressed juice is a great alternative to sugary alternatives with low nutrition content.

Can I freeze my juices?

Though we always suggest to consume your juices as soon as possible to get the most nutrient dense version, it is okay to freeze them as well. We do recommend pouring a little off of the top to account for expansion.

Why do your juices vary in flavor and color sometimes?

Just like humans, no two pieces of fruit or vegetable are ever the same. Because all of our ingredients come from nature, there will naturally be some variance from time to time.

Is The Goodery organic?

No, currently we are not USDA-certified organic, and the amount of organic produce we use varies throughout the year. We prefer to focus on using seasonal, Non-GMO produce, similar to what you would find at your grocery store.

Are your products vegan?

Most of our products do not contain animal products. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about which of our products might be best for you.


What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a type of reset that involves consuming vegetable and fruit juice for a certain period of time. It is meant to give your digestion a bit of a break to allow your body to focus on any internal work it needs to be focusing on, while taking in loads of powerful nutrition in the juices as well. Most commonly people cleanse between 1-5 days which is what we recommend. In some specific cases, it can be okay to cleanse longer, but we always suggest chatting with your healthcare provider to decide which length of cleanse is best suited for your specific situation.

Who should cleanse?

Most adults can benefits from incorporating juice cleansing into their wellness lifestyle routine—those feeling the mental and physical drain, busy professionals and parents, and anyone looking to give their health a boost. All of our juices and cashew milks are vegetarian, vegan, and do not contain gluten. Due to our nut milks, our shared equipment does not allow for our products to be nut allergy safe, but all of our juices are nut-free as far as ingredients go. We do not suggest juice cleansing for those who are pregnant or nursing, and cleanses are not recommended for children.

How long should I cleanse and how often should I cleanse?

This question is best suited for your healthcare professional. They know you and your unique health situation best and can give you the best answer as to how your body might handle different cleanse durations. The average recommendation is to cleanse with the seasons when you feel like your body needs a reset. That being said, some people cleanse one day per week, some once a month (1-5 days in duration), and others set their own schedule based on their own needs. The only wrong answer to this is the one your healthcare provider doesn’t think suits you or that your body doesn’t respond well to. Listen to your body and your intuition too when making this decision and choose what feels right to you.

Am I going to lose weight when I cleanse?

This will vary from person to person. Your body will take in the nutrition and use it as it sees fit. Trust your body and know that by fueling it with so many nutrients, it will no doubt be happier and healthier. At The Goodery we try not to focus on weight loss, but more on making a few good choices each day.

Can I add extra beverages to my cleanse?

Of course! You do you boo! Add on any of our other juices and boosters or incorporating a warm glass of bone broth, lemon water, or herbal tea are all great additions to a cleanse as well.

Can I exercise during my cleanse?

Approach vigorous exercise with caution. Gentle exercise is suggested—walks, yoga, bike riding are all great ways to get a little movement in while allowing your body to reset during your cleanse. Overall, we suggest to listen to your body—it always knows best.

Will I be able to work during my cleanse?

You sure can! It makes for an easy thoughtless plan for your day. You have all your nutrition ready to go so you can focus your energy on the work that needs your attention.